Peach wine
(makes 6 litres)

5 litres of red wine, 1 litre of 45% proof alcohol (with no colour or flavour additives); 550g / 19oz / 2 3/4 cups sugar; 500 peach leaves (gathered in September).

In a large container combine peach leaves, red wine, alcohol, sugar. Cover and let settle in a cool (not cold) place for 15 days. Stir the mixture every other day. Taste it after 10 days; add sugar if you find it necessary. On the 16th day remove the leaves and filter. Bottle the peach wine and enjoy it when you like.

Walnut tart

Crust :
250g / 8.8oz / 2 cups flour; 125g / 4.4oz unsalted butter cut into bi